I cannot change my billing information (Paypal or Creditcard)

Currently the option to pay with Paypal is only available during the sign-up procedure. Please email us at climatestate AT gmail.com and ask us to delete your account if you have problems to use Paypal, or use a new email to register again. We are working to fix this issue. 

Will you keep uploading content to the Climate State YouTube channel?

Yes, but our new USREEN site will become the main climate science platform, since e.g. climate science lectures will only rarely appear on our YouTube channel, because of changes to YouTube's policy to demonetize channels which upload content which exist already on their platform. 

In the future we will only upload climate science lectures to the USCREEN website, unless the talk hasn't been shared previously on YouTube.

Will there be free videos on our USCREEN platform?

Yes, our goal is to make all videos freely accessible! Currently up to 30 percent of videos are free, do not require a subscription to watch. 

Why did you create a subscription based video platform?

YouTube forces us to delete many good climate science videos, simply on grounds that these videos were already uploaded to their platform, and they enforce this new policy retroactive. Your subscription helps to cover the monthly costs of $149.00.

How will our subscription platform vary compared to other platforms?

The subscription system offers new Climate State publications earlier, will include exclusive - more extensive content, will include much more content, due to YouTube's handling of channel content. Content on USCREEN is also more carefully selected, accounting for significance - quality. We've published on YouTube since 2012, experimented with formats over the years, and since improved our video production skills, and some content is simply outdated.

Where else can I access Climate State videos?

At YouTube, or at BitChute.

Will you publish my climate change related video?

We are always interested in new original climate change content for our audience (Read more). 

How do I embed a USCREEN video on my website/blog?

You could use https://embed.ly